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At Synergeyes their mission is to improve the quality of life by delivering personalized vision around the world.


The company and the challenge they faced

Synergeyes provides life-changing vision correction products with an aim to create the world’s leading global specialty contact lens company. They are located in San Diego, CA with customers worldwide. 

During the recent pandemic they realized that they had to come up with a creative way to continue to tell their story. If you can no longer reach your current and future clients person to person, the best way to tell their story is through digital media and 4LIFE FILMS made that goal a reality.

Vision Exam
Contact Lenses


The solution and results

Synergeyes like most businesses have many facets to their company; manufacturing, marketing, research and development, shipping, customer service and so on. What better way to engage with your customers than to create a way to meet the people who make these amazing products, show how they do it and most importantly why they do what they do, to restore vision to millions globally.

The result was a success, now their customers could feel a real connection, knowing the true company, their processes, and they great men and woman who make it a reality. Quite literally bringing sight to the blind.



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